About Us

Lien & Lin Law Firm was founded by three attorneys, Mr. Brian Lien, Mr. Junyi Lin and Mr. Henry Lin who all have more than 10 years of practical experience. They met in their alternative military service as Judge assistant at Court of justice and participated in the auxiliary work of amending the law for a year half. In 2017, they decided to work together as partners to provide clients with services in various legal professional fields.

The Chinese name of our law firm comes from the idiom『金翅擘海』which means that the article is thorough, vigorous and fluent, and pursuing excellence in order to provide customers with appropriate and effective strategies. And, we have set up two offices in Taipei and Taichung to serve customers across Taiwan.

One of the founders, Mr. Biran Lien possesses lawyers' licenses from Taiwan and mainland China. Two of the attorneys in our law firm have registered lawyers in the United States, and there are senior consultants who have been working in the industries such as Foxconn Technology Group and ASUSTeK Computer Inc. for many years. Attorneys and legal professionals with extensive experience in the legal industry, each with their own duties and commitment, providing more comprehensive and high-quality legal professional services according to client needs and case expertise.

The client base of our legal service is all over Taiwan, and also assists many foreign clients (China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Europe and other regions). Our clients include various industries and serve as legal counsel for domestic, foreign listed companies, counter companies and manufacturers. Furthermore, in response to the trend of economic internationalization in Taiwan, our law firm with well-known law firms at home and abroad in transnational cases, provides immediate professional support at home and abroad, and cooperates with accounting firms in Taiwan and Hong Kong to assist clients in setting up a series of overseas companies, trust business and tax planning. The program provides international professional and comprehensive legal services.

Our Clients

Technology and Manufacturing

MPI Corporation、NAK Sealing Technologies Corporation、Thunder Tiger Group、Accutex Technologies Corporation、Topkey Group、Siliconware Precision Industries Corporation、Mingyang Energy Technology Corporation、KTR systems TW、J-Xin Solar Corporation、SDI Corporation、Ann Yih Precise Industry Corporation、A-Lumen Corporation、Cyber Power Systems (USA), Inc.

Chemical Manufacturing

TaiSol Group、Oriental Silicas Corporation、Taiwan Uninet Co., Ltd.、Cosmex Materials Corporation

Daily Necessities Manufacturing

Gain How Printing Corporation、Greeen System Corporation、GLUCKI Co. Ltd、Lan Shan Enterprise Corporation


Dayungs Corporation、J&G Group(J&G Fried Chicken)

Construction Industry

Chuan Shun Construction Corporation、Changyuan Construction Industry Corporation、Ding Yi Construction Corporation、Youchen Construction Corporation、Shengda Construction Corporation

Finance and Insurance

Hua Nan Bank Insurance Agent Corporation

Healthcare Industry

Taiwan Omron Enterprise Corporation、HockSheng Trading Co., Ltd.( Distribution of Dr. Willmar Schwabe’s products)、Genuine Chemical Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.,、JenSheng Pharmaceutical Corporation、DEH Lab Jing-Te Biomedical Technology Corporation.、Ginko International Group (Baodao Glasses and Haichang Contact Glasses)

Game Industry

Xiang Shang Games Corporation(XSG)

Cultural and Creative Industries

keepworking Coworking Space、Bangbubu Multimedia International Co.Ltd. (Huang Junxiong Puppet Show)、Keenmoon International Co.Ltd. (Pepper’s)、Things in the box Co.Ltd.、Goods Design (web/brand design)、PressPlay Co.Ltd.、Gixia Group、SOBDEALL Co.Ltd.、Shuter Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Sports and Leisure Industry

Dyaco International Corportaion、Taroco Group(Yu Kids Island)


DE Teaching Institute

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