Intellectual property rights

Our firm specializes in intellectual property rights cases. It has fought for clients for high amounts of patent infringement compensation, learned evidence preservation, and determined temporary state disposition.

Company operations and business cases

Domestic and foreign investment, bank finance, corporate merger and acquisition integration, international trade contracts and dispute resolution, labor dispute resolution and backdoor listing cabinet, etc.

Non-litigation case

Drafting, signing, witnessing, and revising various types of contracts; registration, selection of administrators, objections, dissolution of consortium legal persons and corporate legal persons; non-litigation events such as parent-child, adoption, inheritance.


Arbitration is one of the most important mechanisms for dispute settlement outside of litigation, providing parties with dispute resolution channels other than court litigation.

Civil, Criminal, Administrative Litigation

Our firm specializes in civil, criminal, and administrative litigation cases. Over the years, it has handled various and diverse disputes, and has the ability to interrogate professionally and quickly to protect the rights and interests of the parties.

Cross-strait regulations, tax consulting and litigation agency

Our firm currently has a strategic alliance partnership with Fidelity Law Firm in China to provide high-quality cross-strait legal consulting and dispute resolution services. Through this, we have assisted many cross-strait clients to handle cross-strait cases.

Perennial legal counsel

Signing consultant period and agreed hours with clients, assisting various litigation and non-litigation and other legal issues or formulating planning related legal strategies.

Consultation of other professional regulations

Labor law, pharmaceutical law, company law, insurance law, bill law, etc.
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